PetStyle Pro(4 Different Blades)

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Our 4 in 1 pet grooming and care set comes with 3 trimmers and 1 nail grinder. Each size is designed for your dog, cat or other furry friend. This 4-in-1 pet grooming and care set is perfect for precision trimming of their body, face, feet and other areas of their fur. There is also a nail polishing feature.

Electric Nail Grinder:

The Electric Nail Grinder has 3 nail grinding ports designed for small, medium and large pet nails. You can choose the best port for your pet by simply rotating it. In addition, our grinder features an advanced diamond drum drill bit grinder, which makes sharpening your pet's claws more comfortable and safer compared to nail clippers.

Low-noise trimming:

Our 4-in-1 Pet Grooming and Care Kit features a low vibration, low noise design with a noise level of only 40 decibelsSo your pet won't feel nervous and scared while trimming. This allows your pet to feel comfortable throughout the trimming process without fear or resistance and shave more efficiently.


Our 4-in-1 pet grooming and care kit is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around and charge anywhere. With only 2 hours of charging for 120 minutes of continuous use, no more worrying about changing batteries and drilling cords.

Perfect Pet Grooming Kit:

Our 4-in-1 pet grooming and care kit comes with 4 guide combs, your pet's hair will be perfectly trimmed to the length you want for the comfort of your pet's scalp.

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 Product Data:

  1. USB charging: output DC 5V/1000mA
    2. Motor speed: 6500 rpm 3DC 3.7V working voltage:
    3. Working voltage: DC 3.7V
    4. Battery type: 14500/3.7V/800mA
    5. Rated power: 7W
    6. Charging time: about 3.5 hours, use time: about 3 hours
    7. Speed: 6500 rpm
           Waterproof level: IPX7

Net weight: body 102.6g
No. 1: 10.6g foot hair remover
No. 2: 14.9g nail polisher
No. 3: 11.1g Elbow Electric Clipper
No. 4: 14.7g straight head electric clipper